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Amazon and Shopify set records on Black Friday 2023

Amazon and Shopify set records on Black Friday 2023

Amazon and Shopify marked a record-breaking Black Friday this year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday were the strongest in Amazon’s 29-year history, with a record $9.3 billion in sales achieved by Shopify merchants, representing a 24% increase from the previous year.

Amazon announced that this Black Friday’s sales were the largest in the company’s history. Additionally, Amazon customers saved 70% more this year compared to last year’s sales. During the shopping frenzy, Amazon customers ordered more than 500 million products, according to statistics.

Shopify also experienced a 24% increase compared to the previous year during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend. Over 61 million users worldwide shopped from online stores powered by Shopify. According to Shopify’s data, total sales reached $4.2 million per minute. The hottest product categories for shopping this year, as determined by Shopify, are clothing and accessories, health and beauty, and home and garden.

Noverstock’s customers were not overlooked by these trends; we observe an increase in the number of orders by up to 3 times and an increase in their revenues by over 1.5 times.

Here’s how Noverstock and its functionalities assisted them:

  • Profit Calculator: The calculator is designed to empower e-commerce sellers by providing them with a comprehensive solution for determining the optimal selling price of a product across various marketplaces.
  • Process Automation: AI-powered automation at its heart – we automate as much as you want, saving you from errors, lowering the time, and money spent.
  • Order Management: Automated, efficient management, and monitoring of sales.
  • Inventory Management: Optimized control of inventory and management of stock deliveries, preventing delays and stock deficits.
  • Reporting: Detailed analysis of financial status, profitable channels, and products.
  • Management Dashboard: Summarized information about business performance in different periods through charts and diagrams. Metrics that show how the business is evolving over time and aid in making timely business decisions.

With this comprehensive toolkit for managing online businesses and optimizing operations, Noverstock also helped its customers achieve record-breaking sales and is poised to continue doing so in the future.

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